Shar-Pei for Sale

Please meet our top breeders. Not only are they beautiful, with solid bloodlines, but fun and loving companions. You can click on each picture to see its pedigree. Scroll down further to meet the CURRENT LITTER of puppies we have for sale. Sometimes we are in between litters so puppies might not always be available; however, we may have breeding or show-potential dogs for sale. Please contact us for more information.

Berry Blue 


Fire Chief 


Beach Queen 

Ruby ‘N Diamonds 

Chick in Black 

Zen Chan 

 JUNE 16, 2019 LITTER

Kauai King Kaluamoa Beach QueenFawn horse coat mother of this litter of seven – one boy and six girls. She quiet, smart, and very busy raising her puppies. (to see another picture of Beach Queen, click on her name).

Fire Chief — Red fawn brush coat father of this litter of seven. Chief is happy-go-lucky, easy going, and always ready to play. Click on his name to see another photo.

SURFER GIRL – Female red fawn brush coat – Cooperative, photogenic, patient,  sweet in nature, and full body like dad! Photo taken 8/16/19. Click Here  and Click Here for another photo.

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