Shar-Pei for Sale

Please meet our top breeders. Not only are they beautiful, with solid bloodlines, but fun and loving companions. You can click on each picture to see its pedigree. Scroll down further to meet the CURRENT LITTER of puppies we have for sale. Sometimes we are in between litters so puppies might not always be available; however, we may have breeding or show-potential dogs for sale. Please contact us for more information.

Berry Blue 


Fire Chief 


Beach Queen 

Ruby ‘N Diamonds 

Chick in Black 

Zen Chan 


Meet our current litter of puppies for sale.
Please call Charlee at (808) 332-7900 for information about purchase and shipping.


KAUAI KING KALUAMOA GOLDEN ROSE – Apricot brush coat female. Shown here with her mom, Ruby. Both are stunning examples of the Chinese Shar-Pei and of great value to the breed and our Kauai King Shar-Pei breeding program. “Rosie” is loving, patient, calm, and has inherited the “friendly to all” gene. Click here and here for photos of Rosie just before the arrival of her puppies.

KAUAI KING KALUAMOA EPIC TITAN – Tan Sable Male with the most outgoing of personalities. “Titan” is a happy-go-lucky boy, loves to play with his toys, and throwing them high in the air and pouncing on them. He is confident and loves to be adored – “a real ham”. Click Here for head shot photo.

ROSIE AND PUPPIES 4.5.23 All are doing well and beautiful

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Three males and two females. Two are apricot dilutes like mom and three are red fawns with black masks.

DREAM SUPREME – Female apricot dilute. Stunning golden hair coat. She is a happy, lively, sweet girl. Responsive, loyal and easy to train. Sound body confirmation. An excellent example of our female line — like mother, like daughter and granddaughter. Photo taken May 21st. Click here and here for more photos.



FLITE LINE – Male red fawn with black mask. Wonderful attitude and calm temperament. Built like his dad with sturdy body and beautiful type. He has a gorgeous head like dad’s. Outstanding in overall look with deep brown eyes melting into the blackest of masks. Will make a loyal, obedient and watchful companion. Probably pick of his litter. Click here and here for more photos.

RAVING BEAUTY – Female, red fawn with black mask. Vibrant color with deep brown mask. Beautiful body and lovely pudgy face, she may be the smallest of the litter, but draws everyone’s attention with her expressive deep brown eyes and wagging tail. Soft hair coat and full of wrinkles. Raving Beauty will be a charming, and enthusiastic companion, loving family member and exceptional, loyal friend. For more photos click here and here.

STRIKE MIDNITE – Male, red fawn with black mask and paw pads, cobby body and lovely hair coat. He is always cooperative and will pose for any camera! Eager to learn, he gladly accompanies us around around the farm, staying close and interested in everything we do. Wonderfully calm in nature, he is an easy going and happy boy. For more photos, click here and here.

GOLDEN LAD – Male apricot dilute. With his hazel eyes and absolutely stunning golden hair coat he stands out in his litter. Golden Lad has a muscular, sturdy body and beautiful head type. He is alert, smart, full of fun and should train easily. Loves his toys just like his dad! For more photos, click here and here.

OUR GIRLS – RAVING BEAUTY (red fawn with black mask) is our cute, soft, and loving little doll. DREAM SUPREME (apricot dilute) is our beautiful, golden haired happy and photogenic sweetie.

OUR BOYS – (left to right) FLITE LINE (red fawn with black mask) is our handsome, sturdy, fun and stunning example of the breed. Most like his dad. GOLDEN LAD (apricot dilute) rare color, our stunning golden boy will always command attention and second looks. Already strong and willing, always comes when called, smiling all the way. STRIKE MIDNITE (red fawn with black mask) is our quiet guy with lots of time to sun bathe and keep track of all of us. Chunky in build and big in heart. An even tempered puppy that will star as an easy-going companion.

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